Lay Spayers Accreditation


The accreditation scheme framework has been developed by the beef cattle industry including Cattle Australia, Meat and Livestock Australia and AgForce.
The scheme is not for profit and is operated on behalf of the cattle industry. The scheme is supervised by the Scheme Oversight Committee and approved under legislation by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

This scheme provides a process for spayers who require accreditation under state laws, codes of practice and animal welfare standards. In Queensland lay spayers now have the opportunity (and requirement) to become fully accredited spayers and to be listed on the register of accredited spayers.

Spayers seeking accreditation can:

    Obtain the information required to get assessed and accredited by downloading the Application guide.

  • Register on this website and commence the accreditation process.
  • Pay fees for the spayer skills assessment and accreditation.
  • Get the details of how to apply for skills assessment (recognition of prior learning).
  • Follow through to complete accreditation.
  • Check accreditation status and your details anytime.
  • Renew accreditation when required.


Lay (non-vet) spayers require accreditation to perform spaying under the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Cattle when these standards have been adopted by the State Governments. In Queensland the Animal Care and Protection Amendment Bill 2022 provides for an accreditation scheme for lay spaying so that only veterinarians and accredited persons can spay using the Willis technique.

What is the accreditation process?

Step 1 – Start the process by registering on this website which will guide you through the whole process. Download the Application Guide and Scheme Rules.

Step 2 – Commence entering your details, download the saved application form and pay the registration fee. If you have already obtained the unit of competency, AHCLSK338, upload your evidence. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be informed by the team of the outcome and any next steps

Step 3 – If you require the unit of competency AHCLSK338, the training organisation will contact you to enrol, pay and commence the skills assessment that will allow for a Provisional Accreditation to be issued by the scheme administrator.

Step 4 – Continue and complete the full skills recognition RPL process and receive a Full Accreditation.

Spayer Application Process


Accreditation Fee – The accreditation scheme is not for profit and aims to cover costs of maintaining the website, database, administration functions, reporting, oversight, responding to issues and changes to requirements. The fee to cover these costs is $250 per annual accreditation period.

Get Accredited

Click Register to complete an application to become a registered spayer.For details on submitting an application, you can read the Application Guide. Click here for the Scheme Rules