AgForce Training introduces the Fencing Course, a specialised training designed to equip your team with the essential skills for constructing and maintaining durable and efficient farm fences.

Recognising fencing as a critical component of farm management, this course aims to provide comprehensive skills from basic construction techniques to maintenance and safety.

Mastering Essential Fencing Skills for Farm Management 

Effective fencing serves multiple crucial purposes on a farm, from securing livestock to defining property boundaries. Our course offers in-depth training on key fencing aspects:

Basic Fencing Knots and Techniques 

Participants will master the foundational knots and construction techniques necessary for building strong and lasting fences.

Straining Fences for Durability 

Learn the art of properly straining fences, a critical skill to ensure their durability and effectiveness over time.

Installing Posts and Box Assemblies 

Gain hands-on experience in the installation of posts and box assemblies, ensuring the structural integrity of your fences.

Maintenance and Repair 

Acquire knowledge on the essential maintenance and repair techniques to prolong the lifespan and functionality of farm fences.

Safety Practices in Fencing 

Safety is paramount in fencing work. This course emphasises safe practices while handling fencing materials and tools, protecting both the individuals involved and the livestock.

Designed for Every Member of Your Farm Team 

Whether your team members are experienced fence builders or new to farm fencing, our course provides valuable skills and insights. It is tailored to improve both understanding and efficiency in fence construction and maintenance, making your team more proficient and capable.

Learn from the Experts 

Led by seasoned fencing professionals, our course combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on training. This approach ensures that the skills taught are directly applicable to the day-to-day operations of your farm, enhancing both the quality and standards of your farm’s infrastructure.

Investing in Your Farm's Infrastructure 

Well-constructed and meticulously maintained fences are pivotal for the optimal operation of any farm. By enrolling your team in the Fencing Course, you’re investing in your farm’s security, efficiency, and overall functionality. Improved fencing leads to enhanced livestock management, defined property boundaries, and an elevated standard of farm operations.

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