Perform Machinery Maintenance


Introducing the Perform Machinery Maintenance Course from AgForce Training, a crucial component of our Farm Essentials Program designed to maximise the lifespan and enhance the performance of your farm’s machinery. Understanding the critical role that machinery plays in agricultural productivity, this course aims to equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective maintenance.

The Vital Role of Machinery Maintenance 

Efficient and safe operation of farm machinery isn’t just about using it correctly; it’s also about maintaining it properly. This course addresses key areas essential for keeping your machinery in top condition:

Preparation and Inspection

Learn the best practices for preparing and inspecting your machinery, enabling early identification of potential issues before they become major problems.

Routine Maintenance 

Delve into the importance of regular maintenance routines and acquire techniques for maintaining a wide variety of farm machinery effectively.

Record Keeping

Understand the significance of detailed maintenance records, a crucial aspect of managing your machinery’s health and ensuring longevity.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Gain practical skills in diagnosing and resolving common mechanical issues, minimising downtime and maintaining steady farm productivity.

Safety in Maintenance

Explore the critical safety protocols for performing maintenance tasks, ensuring the wellbeing of both operators and machinery.

Beneficial for All Team Members 

This course is structured to provide invaluable insights to both experienced farm hands and newcomers alike. It aims to broaden their understanding of machinery maintenance, fostering a more competent and confident approach to one of the farm’s most critical assets.

Practical Learning with Skilled Guidance 

Combining theoretical insights with hands-on experiences, our course is led by expertienced instructors familiar with the intricacies of agricultural machinery. This blend ensures that the maintenance skills taught are not only relevant but also immediately applicable to your farm’s daily operations.

A Strategic Investment in Your Farm's Future 

Investing in the Perform Machinery Maintenance Course is a strategic move towards optimising your farm’s operational efficiency and safety. Well-maintained machinery translates to fewer mechanical failures, reduced repair costs, and consistent productivity, safeguarding your investment and boosting your farm’s bottom line.

Join us

We invite you and your team to enrol in the Perform Machinery Maintenance Course. Take a significant step towards enhancing your farm’s machinery management practices, ensuring your operations run smoothly and your machinery investments are well-protected.