Livestock Handling


AgForce Training proudly offers the Livestock Handling Course, a crucial part of our Farm Essentials Program designed to equip your team with the skills necessary for humane and effective livestock management.

Recognising the importance of both animal welfare and worker safety, this course aims to provide comprehensive training in the art and science of livestock handling.

Essential Skills for Humane Livestock Handling 

Effective livestock handling goes beyond basic animal care; it involves creating a safe, stress-free environment that benefits both animals and handlers. Our course offers in-depth training on essential handling skills:

Understanding Animal Behaviour 

Participants will learn to interpret and respond to the behavioural cues of different livestock species, improving both safety and handling effectiveness.

Safe Handling and Restraint Techniques 

Master safe and humane techniques for approaching, leading, and restraining animals, minimizing stress and reducing the risk of injury to both livestock and handlers.

Transportation Skills 

Gain critical skills in the safe and humane transportation of livestock, an integral component of farm logistics and animal welfare.

Health and Safety Best Practices 

Learn about health and safety considerations in livestock handling, ensuring the protection of both animals and farm workers.

Stress Management in Animals 

Discover strategies for managing and reducing stress in livestock, which is vital for their well-being and productivity.

Tailored Training for All Experience Levels 

This course is valuable for both experienced livestock handlers and novices, offering a blend of basic principles and advanced handling techniques. It ensures that your team is well-versed in the latest best practices in livestock handling, regardless of their prior experience.

Practical Learning from Industry Experts 

Led by instructors with extensive experience in livestock management, our course emphasizes hands-on, practical training. This approach guarantees that the skills and knowledge acquired are directly applicable to your farm’s daily operations, enhancing both animal welfare and operational efficiency.

Commitment to Animal Welfare and Farm Safety 

Enrolling your team in the Livestock Handling Course signifies a commitment to improving the welfare of your animals and the safety of your farm operations. Skilled livestock handlers play a crucial role in ensuring a smoother, more humane, and productive farm environment.

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For this essential training to take a significant step forward in advanced animal care and farm management. By investing in effective livestock handling skills, you’re not only enhancing the quality of life for your animals but also promoting a safer, more efficient farming operation.