Workplace Health and Safety


Welcome to a pivotal offering within the AgForce Training’s Farm Essentials Program: The Workplace Health and Safety Course. This course stands as a foundational pillar essential for fostering a safer, more productive farming environment.

Recognising the inherent risks in farming, our comprehensive course is designed to equip your team with the knowledge and practices needed for enhancing safety and sustainability on your farm.

The Critical Role of Health and Safety in Farming

The farming industry, while rewarding, carries significant risks. Effective health and safety practices are not merely about compliance with regulations; they are crucial for the well-being of every team member and the overall sustainability of agricultural operations. Our course addresses these needs by providing:

Best Practice Safety Protocols

Learn the latest farm safety standards and effective implementation strategies to protect your team and operations.

Emergency Management Skills

Acquire essential skills in managing farm emergencies, significantly reducing risks to both personnel and property.

Risk Assessment and Management

Master the ability to identify potential hazards and implement strategies to mitigate risks in a variety of farming activities.

Cultivating a Safety Culture

Discover strategies for fostering a safety culture that engages every member of your team, reinforcing the importance of safety in all tasks.

Valuable Insights for All Team Members

Our Workplace Health and Safety course is designed to offer valuable insights to both seasoned professionals and new hires alike. It reinforces the critical nature of safety in every aspect of farm work and provides participants with the latest knowledge on agricultural safety trends and technologies.

Practical, Expert-Led Training

Led by experienced instructors who understand the realities of farm work, our course delivers practical, hands-on training. This approach ensures that the lessons learned are not just theoretical but can be immediately applied to enhance safety and efficiency in your farm’s daily operations.

A Safe Farm is a Productive Farm

Investing in our Workplace Health and Safety course is an investment in your farm’s future. A safe working environment not only leads to higher productivity and compliance but also makes your farm a more attractive place to work for current and prospective employees.

Join us

Join us in taking a significant step towards excellence in farm safety and management by enrolling in the Workplace Health and Safety Course. Elevate your farm’s safety standards and productivity and commit to the well-being of your team and the sustainability of your operations.